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Step aside robots. Candor conducts a 1 touch underwrite on 70% of loans using first-of-its-kind Expert System Technology.  Automating tasks + intellect allows you to manufacture more exceptional quality loans faster.



Easily integrate Candor into your LOS to underwrite high-quality loans with one click. Get up and running in 30 days.


Candor automates both tasks and intellect so you can scale to match season and market fluctuations with no change to staff.


Less fallout. Better hedge. No repurchases. Candor provides significant & meaningful ROI through the metrics that matter.


Candor creates velocity that reduces cycle time by 18.7 days.  Your processors will have the power to deliver a fully underwritten file that requires just 1 underwriter touch. 


Get to borrower surety faster and provide an exceptional customer experience to elevate your reputation.   Our dynamically adaptive technology delivers all borrower requirements upfront.

 Candor paves the path to the future for savvy lenders. 
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