1 underwriter touch on 70% of your loans

using brainpower  not manpower.


Quality, speed, value.

With Candor you can have all three. An investment in our expert system technology helps you manufacture a near perfect loan, every time.
Does that sound too good to be true? We back our loans with a defect policy.

 Let’s take a closer look at the benefits: 

Art Export Quality


A Defect Policy backs the quality of a Candor underwrite.

Candor conducts an in-depth credit risk assessment with just one click.  Extensive data cross-checks and corroborations ensure data accuracy, validity, quality,  accurate guideline assessment, and the right lending decision.

Art Export Speed


Velocity reduces cycle time by 18.7 days.

Your processors will have the power to deliver a fully underwritten file that requires just 1 underwriter touch. And, you'll get to borrower surety faster and provide an exceptional experience with all borrower requirements upfront.

Art Export Value-1


Reduce fallout, improve hedge, and banish repurchases.

Beyond incremental time savings, Candor provides significant & meaningful ROI through the metrics that matter.

 Candor paves the path to the future for savvy lenders. 
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