Candor Technology is offering lenders its Loan Quality Services (LQS) for $75 per file, enabling them to adapt to current market conditions while still offering borrowers best-in-class service.

Candor’s LQS addresses many pressing concerns such as QA’s impact to fallout, QC impact to loan profitability, leakage of recurring defects from QA to QC, and originator’s quality ranking with investors.


Cost to QC

  • Reduce cost per loan up to 60%
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Automate 70% of the checklist
  • Faster investor purchase



  • Gain real-time pipeline visibility
  • Identify significant issues 
  • Avoid missing docs, income calculation errors and data discrepancy issues


Repurchase Risk

  • 2 million underwrites - 0 repurchases
  • 100% non-biased output
  • Quality reputation with investors


Repurchase Defense

  • Utilize 30,000 data points
  • Minimize legal resources
  • Eliminate scrambling for a claim

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