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Why work at Candor?

We could tell you about our competitive salaries and great benefits, but our current team members might be able to tell you more... 

Who is Candor?


At Candor, our team of mortgage experts discovered the industry needed to progress past the antiquated, resource dependent, processes that have been in place for decades.  This challenge took us outside the black box of current mortgage technologies to find the best solution to move the industry forward into the 21st century and beyond.  Our quest ultimately led us to the Aerospace Industry and it’s highly complex, but extremely precise expert systems technology that could teach a machine to work its way through a maze of guidelines and 100,000+ underwriting pivot points to make the highest quality decision every time while also increasing speed and reducing cost.  The culmination of this technology development journey resulted in CogniTechTM, Candor’s patented decision engine.   


The CogniTechTM technology finally solves for the unquenched need to move beyond a finite rules engine model to a state-of-the-art platform that can handle an infinite number of loan scenarios. The system integrates inside the loan origination system and clears conditions backed by a warranty. With 5 years in development, $50 million in capital investment and 500,000 use cases, the engine and its corresponding data are unchallenged in the industry.   


Our mission with this revolutionary technology is to help clients think differently about how they manage their business.  Our clients can jet into their ideal future state for POS, QA, Fulfillment, QC, all the way through to servicing.  Clients will have the ability to scale capacity in an instant to match fluctuating loan volumes, improve quality to mitigate repurchase risk, master process efficiencies, boost liquidity, and most importantly, gain market share. 


Commitment to Excellence

We strive to hire those who can and will absorb the values of Candor, those who will represent Candor faithfully and with integrity and consideration.



At Candor, we ask our Associates to act like owners and be ambassadors of the company.

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The Candor way is to educate, train and motivate the people of Candor so that they are aware of who we are, where we are going, and why.